to play roulette — main points of game

How to play roulette — main points of game

Roulette is a simple game that does not demand the player’s in-depth applied knowledge. Nevertheless, it is necessary to learn some basic skills if you want to play successfully. In this article, we will discuss what is essential to know about the roulette for beginners, if you plan to begin the journey in this accessible way of gambling.

What is roulette

It does not matter, whether you want to know how to play roulette online or offline, roulette rules are the same. The playing table marked for bets with a wheel at the center, reveals itself in front of you. The players make bets, after this a croupier spins a wheel with a ball and waits till the ball stops at one of the sectors. One table is suitable for six players.

If the winning sector or winning color at the wheel is identical to your sector, you will get the reward. The rules are quite simple, are not they? There are three types of games. They are European, French, and American roulettes. There is a little difference in the roulette rules that changes casino profit. So, in European roulette it is about 2,7%, and in American it is 5,28%, and it may increase up to 7,9%.

What is roulette

Types of roulette’s bets

You do not have to be afraid to play only because you are a rookie. We will soon explain how to play roulette for dummies, and we will start from the bet difference. There are two types of bets: inside bets and outside bets. Inside bets are the following:

  1. Straight. It is betting one number from 1 to 36.
  2. Split\pair. It is a bet for two adjoining numbers.
  3. Street. It is a bet on three consecutive numbers in a horizontal direction.
  4. Corner. It is a bet on four numbers.
  5. Six line\double street. It is a bet on six consecutive numbers on two parallel horizontal lines.
  6. Basket. It is a bet on three numbers, including zero.
  7. First Four. It is a bet on the first street with four numbers, including zero.
  8. Top line. It is a bet on the first street and two zero sectors.

Pay attention. Top line is possible only in American roulette, as it is the only game with two types of zero sectors: 0 and 00.

Depending on the chosen bet, a chip is placed on the exact pile, on the line between piles, or the line crossing. Also, depending on the type of bet, the payoff may be different.

In our review of roulette rules for dummies, we will not discuss the size of payoff, as it differs from the type of the game. To find out the payoff size for any special occasion, you may check the payoff table in the chosen casino. Especially if you play online.

Outside bets are the following:

  • Red\black
  • Odd\Even
  • High\low
  • Column\dozen

In all these pairs, except columns\dozens, payoffs go 1 to 1. In this variant the reward is 1 to 2.

You can always make several bets instead of one. But you have to remember that it destroys the meaning of the game. For example, betting the same amount of chips and Odd and Even, you will cash in big and return your money back. Definitely, if zero is not going to appear.

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Special Rules

Everybody knows how roulette looks like. But some special rules are not familiar even to proficient players. Let us distinguish such roulette game rules.

The rule “en prison”:

  • It occurs only in European roulette.
  • It deals with red\black, odd\even, low\high sectors.
  • The meaning. If the ball stops on the zero sector, the wager is not lost. If zero appears the second time, the wager is lost. But if you are lucky and your bet wins, you will get all the money back without additional payoff.
  • Due to this rule, the casino profit lessens to 1,35%.

The rule “la partage”:

  • It happens only in French roulette.
  • It deals with red\black, odd\even, low\high sectors.
  • The meaning: if the ball stops on zero, the player gets half of the bet back.

The rule “the surrender”:

  • It is an American casino variant.
  • It is absolutely identical to the rule la partage.

These special rules of roulette are legal in offline and online versions of the game. By the way, many real casinos take voice bets. You only have to pronounce what numbers you want to bet on. It works only in European and French versions.

Game Strategies

The easiest way to find out how to play roulette game is to believe in personal fortune. But if fortune has not shined you, you risk losing all your money. Some gamers use mathematical game strategies to increase winning chances. Many strategies can theoretically achieve the appropriate winning percentage, or, at least, even cash in big. Let’s look at some popular roulette slot machine tips.

Martingale Method.

How to play roulette by the Martingale method?

  • It is based on probability theory.
  • You should play only in the red and black sectors.
  • If the wager is lost, you have to double the next bet and put it to the same sector.
  • If you take the payoff, place the minimum bet to the opposite sector.

There are a few nuances in how do you play roulette according to this strategy. First of all, you have to control your finances. You have to care that the bet limit should not be more than 1% of the day payoff. You should also consider that one color can be a winning one for more than 15 times in a row. That is why you need to have enough budget to continue gambling.

This method also works well with columns\dozens, as the rules of roulette are almost the same in this block. But you have to remember that this strategy can increase the payoff level. In general, it may lead you to real success.

Bet 5 out 6 method

  • There are six blocks of six numbers each on the table. The meaning of strategy is to bet on five out of six blocks.
  • If the wager is lost, you have to double the bet.
  • If you win, you return to the minimum bet level.

You have to consider that no of the mentioned roulette methods can give you the winning guarantee. But it is said that they increase the chances of the game outcome with a period of time.

Though many players prefer not to use any strategies. They say that the math method to the roulette rules kills the whole interest and gambling. In any case, any gamer can choose what he wants, as the main thing in gambling and any other game is to get the pleasure of the process.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult to understand how to play roulette for beginners. Even if you do not use the math method with complicated computation, you may settle in quickly and open a fantastic world of the roulette game.

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