to play and win on slot machines

How to play and win on slot machines

A slot machine is the most popular type of casino game that is even more widespread than roulette and blackjack. The reason is simple: slots are bright, attractive, have different plots, and most importantly are intuitively understandable so it takes no effort to learn how to play on slot machines within a few seconds.

Another thing is how to win at slots. Many people come to the casino not only to have fun but also to try their luck to obtain some money. Any player always has winning chances, and they depend not only on the fortune. We will describe how to play slots, and how to win money playing slots using simple methods, including pokies strategy.

How to play and win on slot machines

How slot machines work

First of all, let’s clarify what a slot is, how it works, and how to use a slot machine. A slot is a physical or virtual machine based on the principle of spinning the reel with symbols. There can be three, five, and more reels with even several dozens of spins. By the way, numerous slots offer different nominal of bets and lines.

By pressing a button or pulling a lever, the player spins the reels to get a winning combination. The more lines are involved, the more money will be taken for each spin, giving higher chances to get a winning combination. Simultaneously, any slot is based on a random number generator and can count from some thousands up to several millions of combinations. That is why it is considered impossible to calculate any regularity in combinations and to influence it.

Types of slots

Now let’s look at different slot types. Initially, they were physical machines installed in casinos, shops, or bars, and they had limited capabilities. The nominal bet was minimal, and you could not expect any substantial payoff. Though, you could cheat on the machine by a mechanical method, for example, to crack it with wire, place an electronic chip with a personal program, or throw fake coins with the same weight and form into the receiver.

With the development of the gambling industry, the capabilities of slot machines have increased, and with them, the protection against hacking. Video and then online slots appeared, which became physically impossible to cheat, and to the question of how to win on slot machines in casinos, added another – how to win online slots. Indeed, if before the types of slots could be counted on your fingers: one-hand bandit, fruit slots, video poker, but with the advent of online gambling, the number of games and new characters has increased several times. Modern players have thousands of plots on offer so that they can even get confused with the choice. These are the sea adventures with pirates, underwater world, movie, cartoon and fairy tale plots. For example, you can try to learn how to play with a white rabbit and many others.

The danger of slot machines

In this variety lies not only attractiveness, but also danger. Almost every player has asked himself how to win big on slot machines. In the pursuit of big winnings, the abundance of offers plays only in favor of the casino. The player’s attention dissipates. He starts to play different games, deviate from his strategy and rules, get lost in excitement, and no longer notices how he spends more and more money and time on the game. This may go too far and then the game will turn into a monotonous pressing of a button, not into a pleasure. That is what the video slot machine strategy is based on – to increase personal excitement. Some slot machine tips will help to keep a clear head and not to turn an interesting entertainment into a bad habit.

Slots how to win – the main tips

First of all, it is necessary to understand that slots are just a game that is designed for entertainment, not for earnings. And any victory in gambling should be considered as luck, only then it will bring pleasure. No one who decided to earn on slots was successful. Even after getting a massive jackpot, many people continued playing and lost everything in the end. Therefore:

Tip 1. Remember the axiom: slots are entertainment and not the way to earn money

In each slot there is RTP, the percentage of payments it gives from the money invested in it. It ranges between 68% and 99%, depending on the game supplier, and can be found on specialized sites and forums. Naturally, it is better to choose a slot with higher RTP, however, this does not give any guarantee that, for example, out of 100 pounds invested in it, it is guaranteed to return 99 exactly to you. It may happen that previous players’ money and yours will go to the player who sits at the machine after you and does only a few spins.

And here comes into force another indicator – the volatility, or, more simply, the frequency of return of winnings. Slots that give small winnings, but often, are called low volatility slots, and those that bring big wins, but rarely – high volatility. You can find out the volatility of the machine experimentally by playing a demo game or small real bets. Choosing the slot with low volatility, you won’t get to the goal of how to win big on slots, but in this way, you’ll decrease the risk of losing your deposit.

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Tip 2. Choose the slots with high RTP and low volatility

There is an opinion that in a prominent place in the casino are always slots, which often give winnings. It seems to be true on one side, because a player, who won the slot, will come back to the casino, and that will motivate other players. This rule works both for land-based and online casinos. Usually, players, especially newbies, do not spend much time choosing slots and start playing the most popular ones.

Tip 3. Choose popular slots

The following advice, which may help in how to win on slot machines, will surely surprise an inexperienced player who dreams of winning the jackpot and prefers progressive jackpot machines. No need to rush. The progressive jackpot can be impressive, however the higher it is, the fewer chances you have to get it. As a rule, a system with progressive jackpot combines several slots at once and their results are calculated in total, and only one of all machines wins. The progressive jackpot is very rare, and only the favor of fortune can help you get it. Therefore:

Tip 4. Do not go for slots with the progressive jackpot

It is so easy to get lost among numerous offline and online casinos. To attract players, they offer lots of bonuses and loyalty programs. Not all of them are worth your attention, as bonuses usually have a wager – the requirement for multiple draws, which may sometimes be too high. As a result, some players spend a significant bankroll, trying to get a bonus and transfer it to a real account, and still, they get nothing.

However, not all bonuses should be disregarded, but only from those casinos that raise doubts about legality and honesty. Any reputable establishment must have a license, good reputation and reviews, and bonus offers should not be limited to welcome ones, but also include a loyalty program. Therefore:

Tip 5. Choose reliable legal casinos with bonuses and flexible loyalty programs

And finally, the most important, but also the most difficult: time and money management. Take it as a rule not to play for winnings and not to play back, raising the bankroll. Set yourself the number of bets that you make, or the time you spend on one slot, and as soon as you go over the limit, either leave or change the slot. It’s better to go back to the game and try your luck another day than to accumulate excitement or try to recoup at breakneck speed.

Limit-setting features, which are offered by many casinos, will be useful in this regard. This can be a limit on the deposit, on bets, or even visit limit, which can last from a few days to several months. Such limits do help to cope with the growing excitement, so you don’t have to hesitate to use them. So,

Last Tip. Use casino limits to lessen the risks

Using these simple tips on how to play the casino slots, you can increase your chances to win and lessen losses.

Good luck and big winnings!

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