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Admittedly, there have been quite a few confirmed cases of some of the other major software being rigged. However, that doesn’t make all UK online casinos unreliable. It doesn't, as now you can use our website to check for authenticity details.

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How, then, could you determine whether the UK online casino you want to play at is counterfeit or not? Here are a few tips for your benefit. Have no worries though, all the casinos listed on our websites have already been tested by our expert testers.

Top Casinos List: The Software

Most of the major software companies in the world do not simply give away licenses to any and every new casino online UK that springs up. A few genuine software providers that come to mind are MicroGaming, Cryptologic, and PlayTech. Thus, if any list of best online casinos uses their software, you can rest assured that they are genuine.


Most of the UK online casinos carry a certification that states their license. While that may not be a foolproof way of determining the legitimacy of its internal workings, but it at least shows that the owners of the live casino UK have taken some pains to establish themselves in the market. Thus, such casinos will not usually destroy their reputation by rigging their software. This is one of the best ways to ensure that you are playing at a real website, run by a real company. For instance, Microgaming performs serious checks before granting licenses to online casinos, therefore this can be seen as a positive sign.

The 'About Us' Page

Since you are looking for information about the live online casino UK, the ‘about us’ page will be the best page to start. Here you would expect to find text and references that would bolster their claim of legitimacy. Such references could obviously be bought, but it is always good to know that a certain UK online casino can take certain steps to ensure their legitimacy in the online world. You can also check for the license on the page. After the recently issued government laws, a UK license would act in the favour of the legitimacy of the live casino online UK. Licenses from places like Australia and Gibraltar would also work fine.


Referrals and recommendations should typically become your final determining point. There could be a few recommendations sponsored by a live casino UK, but you should not worry about that. No single UK online casino can buy off all recommendations. You don’t want to believe the recommendations that showcase only the bad qualities of a certain list of uk casino sites. Check for recommendations that mention the good as well as the bad stuff in equal measure.

The feedback has to be genuine and extremely detailed, letting the reader weigh all the pros and cons. It really doesn't have to influence the decision.

List Of All Uk Online Casinos: Reviews

Professional reviews of the UK casinos list are essentially those reviews that have not been written by players of the game but by the critics. Admittedly, the critics can also be bought by any casino online UK, but not by those on our website. We strive to offer the absolute best quality around

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We review each UK online casino in a thoroughly unbiased way in this best casino list. We get into the thick of things and extract every bit of information about the casino for your perusal. We keep all the extracted information at your disposal, along with our analysis and personal insights. Thus, you can judge any online casino UK from here for yourself.

This guide is ideally directed at those players who wish to indulge in real money gambling. Wherever free chips are concerned, it doesn’t really matter where you play. However, where real money is involved, you will need all research available about a particular casino that is possible. After reading through our comprehensive guides and reviews, you will feel quite knowledgeable about all the major casinos in the market, and will be easily able to determine the legitimacy of those.


What is the best online casino site in the UK?

The list of the best online casinos in the UK is constantly changing and the ratings change frequently. This is because there are hundreds of different casino operators in the country that are on the list of UK online casinos that are most popular and profitable in the world. But in general, the best online casino site UK is the one which is the most fun to get involved with, it also offers fantastic promotions like free spins on slots. Other reasons to name the casino the best are: quirky, addictive branding; fair play without difficult bonus conditions; no hidden tricks or conditions; refunds on bets regardless of whether you win or lose; great jackpot games; an extensive selection of games including slots, bingo, and live dealers.

What is the most trusted online casino?

The UK Gambling Commission is responsible for ensuring that everything that happens at online casinos is fair and honest. So, if the platform has a UKGC license, you are in good hands. No other license can replace the UKGC. But to obtain this license, online casinos must meet a long list of requirements that guarantee player protection, data, and funds security, and business transparency. With all this in mind, we can confidently say that British casinos are the safest in the world, provided they hold the appropriate licenses. For this reason, we recommend that you play at one of the casinos presented on this page because they are all tested and proven to be trusted resources.

Which online casino has the best payouts UK?

The best payouts are offered in the casino with a high RTP percentage. The higher RTP means you get more for your money every time you win a casino game. This is something that both budget players and high rollers should look out for if they want to get the most out of their bets. So, just find the information about the RTP of the games presented in the casino, and you can find out the casino’s possible payouts ratio.

Can you gamble online in the UK?

Yes, UK citizens can bet online if they adhere to the two UK Gambling Commission restrictions. The first limitation is simple - you must be at least 18 years old to bet legally. The second limitation: you must place stakes on sites that have received a legal "license for remote gambling.

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