machine tips: how to play and win on fruit machines

Fruit machine tips: how to play and win on fruit machines

Fruit machines is the most popular type of casino games, so the question of how to win on fruit machines is asked by gamblers not only from the UK, but from all over the world. Such slots are preferred for accessibility, gameplay simplicity, variety of plots, abundance of bonuses, frequent and large wins. We will tell you not only how to win at fruit machines, but also get away from the machine in the black.

Before you read this material, you should remember that none of the fruit machine tips below does not guarantee a win and is purely for informational purposes.

Choosing a Slot with a High RTP Percentage

All slots have an RTP (return to player) percentage, which can range from 68% to 99%. Naturally, the higher this indicator is, the more the machine will return from the money invested in it. However, a high RTP does not guarantee that the player will get profit. There is always a risk of falling into a black streak, when the machine will not give winnings for a long time, burning credits, and the player, in the end, simply will not have enough bankroll to continue the game. Therefore, in order to understand how to win on fruit machines UK, you need to take into account another important parameter – the frequency of wins or, in mathematical terms, variance.

Fruit machine tips: how to play and win on fruit machines

Finding a Slot with a High Win Rate

To determine how often a slot is able to give winnings, you need to study its payout table. If the payout ratio does not exceed the threshold for increasing the bet by 5,000 times, then you have the slot with low variance, that is, it gives winnings often. Also, the high frequency of wins can be indicated by the presence of a large number of bonus combinations and free spins in the plot of the slot.

Do not Neglect Casino Bonuses

Often casinos offer players promotional offers. These can be free spins, no deposit bonuses, a bonus on the first and subsequent deposits, as well as a loyalty program, according to which the player receives various bonuses depending on the rating earned. Such offers can be provided both completely free of charge, and with the wagering conditions, which are requirements for multiple wagering of the bonus. If the wager is small, bonuses should not be neglected, as they increase the player’s chances of winning without the risk of spending his own budget.

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Time Management

Even taking into account all the above nuances, it may happen so that none of them will help, since it is impossible to predict how a system based on a random number generator will behave. But it is quite possible to limit the time spent at one machine in order to eliminate the risk of a major defeat. So, sitting down to the slot, take a strict rule to limit either the playing time or the number of spins. Usually, half an hour or 100 spins is enough to get a profit or not to waste too much and try your luck on another slot.

What you don’t Need to Do to Win

There are also methods for how to play fruit machines to win using mathematical strategies. Among the most popular is the Martingale strategy, which is based on the principle of doubling every next bet until you get a win. However, as practice shows, any attempt to apply a mathematical strategy to the RNG is nothing more than a placebo. In addition, doubling the bet with each loss, you can quickly drain the entire deposit and leave with nothing at all – not only without money, but also without the pleasure that every gambler gets from the game.

The same risk awaits those who start playing immediately at high stakes or switch to them after several successful low stakes hoping to increase their winnings. This tactic, as a rule, leads to a quick drain of a small deposit or a strong drawdown of a large one. The most important thing in this case is not to start recouping and find the strength to stop the game so as not to make things worse.

Finally, when heading to the casino, remember that fruit machines are primarily designed to enjoy the game, not to make money. When you do not concentrate on the fact how to win fruit machines, then the gameplay will be enjoyable, and big wins will be a pleasant surprise.

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