Machine Secrets

Fruit Machine Secrets

Fruit slot machine is the most popular casino game. The first slots, the famous one-armed bandits, which appeared in the 19th century, were built on card symbols and poker games, so they attracted only poker lovers. Other players passed by. This made the owners of establishments puzzled with the question of how to attract the rest of the gamblers and increase income from a profitable business.

The History of the Appearance and the Secret of the Popularity of Fruit Machine

With the advent of the first slots, they began to be installed everywhere: in shops, bars, restaurants, due to which the consumption of basic goods and services increased significantly. The ban on gambling, introduced at the beginning of the 20th century, only spurred the search for a solution to how to increase the profit from slots. So in 1912, the first slot machines appeared, on the reels of which, instead of the usual cards, bright and attractive pictures of fruits were depicted: cherries, plums, berries, etc. Unlike one-armed bandits, fruit slots did not violate the ban on gambling, as they gave out the winnings not in money, but with chewing gum flavored with these very fruits and berries. It was a real way out that allowed fruit slots to be spread in many establishments and made them extremely popular.

Since then, Fruit slot machines have brought most of the profits to gambling establishments, and also remain unchanged attributes of many bars and other entertainment institutions. The phenomenon of their popularity is in their colorfulness, simplicity and accessibility. You don’t need special knowledge and skills to try your luck. You just need to replenish your account and press the buttons. At the same time, the game will bring not only excitement, but also pleasure from the process. And if certain rules are observed, it can bring a good win. So, here are some tips on how to increase your chances of getting a fruit machine jackpot.

Fruit Machine Secrets

How to Defeat Fruit Machine

Most fruit machines have three reels, some have five. The object of the game is to get a complete line of the same image horizontally, diagonally, vertically, in the shape of the letter “V”, etc. Since fruit machines are random number generators, any winning is situational. However, there are certain tips that you can follow to increase your chances of winning, although they are not 100% working.

1. Choose a slot machine with fixed payouts.

Many players, hoping to get big winnings, prefer to play slots with progressive jackpots. In them, there is a counter, which increases the jackpot amount without paying out the winnings after each game session. Thus, the more people play on such a slot, the more the jackpot amount will grow, and the chance of your success to break it is close to zero. Therefore, it is more profitable to stick to games with fixed winnings.

2. Higher bet brings larger winning.

It should be understood that playing at small stakes, even in the case of a fruit machine jackpot, its size will be small. Therefore, if you are playing not for the sake of the process, but with the aim of winning, make higher bets.

3. Don’t get hung up on one slot.

After 12 unsuccessful spins or when the return is significantly less than the size of the bet, change the number of lines, the bet amount or the slot itself. The same applies to winning. If you have made a good profit with a few successful spins, take a break, do not start increasing the game speed or the bet, hoping for even more luck. This way you can lose not only your winnings, but your entire deposit as well.

4. Stick to the 100 spins rule. Practice shows that the deposit size should be sufficient for making 100 spins based on the bet at which you plan to play. If the deposit is smaller, the amount may simply not be enough to win.

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5. Manage your time. Make it a rule to pause after 30 minutes of playing. Firstly, this will reduce the excitement heat, and secondly, it will allow the random number generator to scroll through several cycles while other players are gambling, since all slots whether they are at a land-based casino or an online one are interconnected.

6. Use clear strategies. It’s no secret that there are mathematical strategies that increase the chances of winning, for example, the Martingale method, “high-low” or Pyramide. But you shouldn’t rely on them entirely, since they all have their drawbacks and do not guarantee a win.

7. Be sure to stop the game if the winnings are 4 times higher than the deposit amount, dropped out three times in a row, or you hit the jackpot.

Fruit Machine Key

In addition to the above methods to beat the slot, there is also a technical way – with fruit machine refill key. But it only works on physical machines that use tokens or coins. It’s worth noting that fruit machine keys are not illegal. They are intended for rebooting the slot and setting it up by the owner. When you buy a Fruit machine, you get a fruit machine key with it. However, if you are not the slot owner and use the key to interfere with the game process and get a win, then it is illegal. At the same time, many exaggerate the importance of such a key, since it cannot technically help to win.

What fruit machine refill key can do:

  • It can show:

a) the balance of the bunker (how full the machine is)

b) the last successfully played bet

c) The last bank collected from the machine

  • It can change the volume of the machine.
  • It can top up the machine.

As you can see, these abilities can hardly help to win, although some players use the fruit machine key in the hope of increasing the winning chances based on the information received about the machine. As a rule, it usually ends to no avail. If you are caught using such a key in an establishment, at best, they will ask you to leave and your name will be blacklisted.

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