Machine Cheats

Fruit Machine Cheats

To hack a slot machine … This is probably the thing that every gambler dreamed of at least once in his life. And let such entertainment lie beyond good and evil, today we will open the screen of what is permitted to find out how to cheat fruit machines.

Simple Hack: Catching with Bugs

The easiest, albeit a rather rare way to detect pub fruit machine cheats is to find vulnerability in the system. Absolutely any slot runs on its own software and every action of the slot is written in the source code. Like any program, the software of the machine can malfunction, err or be vulnerable.

From time to time, new loopholes are discovered. Some are found by debugger programmers, others – by ordinary users. Unfortunately, most players, having discovered pub fruit machine cheats, are in no hurry to inform the administration or the developer about them. Although many casinos are ready to pay good money for such information, the player prefers to take advantage of the weak point to obtain winnings, getting big jackpots in various establishments, and after being caught, to face big trouble.

But even if conscious citizens informed the developers about an error, there is no guarantee that the loophole will be fixed everywhere. The point is to fix the bug; the slot companies prepare a part of the slot machine for replacement and then send them around the casino. The responsibility for replacing old components with new ones lies entirely with the management of the institution.

It often happens that no one changes the details, or for some reason they do not reach a particular casino. It remains to determine exactly where such slots are located and the trick is in the bag. There is no need to look for new fruit machine cheats, just use the existing ones.

Fruit Machine Cheats

Outdated Tricks

For those who are not too observant or do not like to delve into the program details, there are more affordable ways on how to beat a fruit machine. True, they do not work on modern machines for a long time, but you can still try your luck on some classic slots.

All you need is a thin wire or a guitar string. Some craftsmen have adapted a line for a garden trimmer for this business. There are two options for using this inventory.

1. Before lowering the coin into the slot, tie a wire around it. Once the credit has been settled, the coin can be taken out.

2. Wire without a coin is pushed into the receiver. Next, you need to guide it through the internal mechanism, grope and activate the payout switch.

This is the oldest and most famous mechanical method of how to cheat fruit machines. But his fame played against it: rather quickly, machines began to be designed in such a way as to exclude the possibility of such a hack.

Another of the old pub fruit machine cheats is the use of fake coins. It was enough to put a coin of the same weight as the real one into the receiver. But over time, more sophisticated mechanisms for verifying the authenticity of coins began to be introduced into the machines and this trick stopped working.

“Magic Wand” for Slots: a Legendary Cheat

Perhaps one of the most legendary pub fruit machine cheats was invented by Tommy Glenn Carmichael. The man used a light stick to muddle and confuse the machine’s program.

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The essence of the deception was to “blind” the slot’s sensor with the help of a light rod. Because of this, the device could not determine the number of coins entered accurately and, accordingly, could not find the desired action algorithm. By using the wand at the right time, they were able to turn small wins into big-time wins.

By the way, Tommy Glenn Carmichael invented another popular cheat based on the classic string hacking of the machine. A hook was made at the end of the string, and the whole structure was inserted into the ventilation hole of the slot. The task was the same as with ordinary wire – to hook the payout lever.

New Fruit Machine Cheats

With the evolution of slot machines, the methods of hacking them have also improved. On the Internet, you can still find offers to buy a fruit machine key cheat, with the help of which you can access the functions of the machine and thus influence the course of the game. The fact is that all physical machines have a refill key, which is supplied to the owner of the machine for rebooting or reconfiguring the system in case of a failure. However, such a key can also be used in order to obtain an unfair win, since it gives direct access to the machine board, its reprogramming or replacement with an already adjusted one.

Another common fruit machine key cheat is based on counting winning combinations using a program installed on a mobile phone or smartphone. The player receives a signal from the phone when he needs to press a button to get a win. It should be understood that both methods are illegal, and if you get caught, it is fraught with serious consequences.

Knowing this, many players prefer not to take risks and use other fruit machine cheat codes that increase the chances of cheating the slot. They are different for each game, but they are all based on performing a certain sequence of actions, depending on which lines the machine gives out. The method requires skill and perseverance, but, like any other cheat, it does not guarantee a win.

One more option on how to beat a fruit machine is the use of mathematical strategies, for example, the Martingale method. Its essence is the constant doubling of the bet until a winning combination appears. However, it should be understood that any attempt to deceive the random number generator, by a definition, cannot be 100% working. Relying on this method, you can leave not only without winning, but also without your own money.

Those players who do not want to rack their brains over complicated calculations prefer to use tricks that help determine which machine can give out the desired prize and when. So, how to tell if a fruit machine is going to pay out?

There is an opinion that the slot machines located in the most conspicuous place in the institution allow players to win more often. The reasoning is pretty simple – the sound of winning combinations inevitably attracts attention and pushes other visitors to try their luck too. Some take a very simple path and, for a reward, receive tips from the guards or the croupier of the hall, believing that they will help them win.

And since winnings happen sooner or later, players, elated by luck, go into a rage and try to multiply their success. In most cases, this excitement ends in loss. But this does not stop many players. They come back to the game over and over again, making money for the casinos.


Whatever methods of how to cheat fruit machines exist, it is worth remembering that none of them gives even a 90% guarantee of victory, and the use of some is punishable by law. When you start gambling, remember that this is, first of all, a competition with fortune, and not a search for cheats and system bugs. Adhere to a clear strategy, take breaks in the game, change your bet or slot. If you win, do not accumulate greed, control your excitement, and you will leave the game not only with pleasant emotions, but also as a winner.

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