VIP Roulette Players Get Away With Cheating in Casinos

How VIP Roulette Players Get Away With Cheating in Casinos

The idea of cheating in order to win, when playing roulette in a casino, is common. However, most of those cheaters will be caught and in the worst case scenario they might be barred from stepping into that casino. It is illegal to cheat in any game as the casino in question will end up losing a lot of money. The known cheaters are found in traditional casinos as cheating in an online casino is very difficult if not impossible.

VIP Roulette Players Get Away With Cheating

There those who cheat and then caught but still manage to get away with it. VIP roulette players have perfected the art of cheating in not a so intellectual way. However, casino managers give them a free pass when it comes to this as they fear losing big time gamblers in their casinos. Some of the most common unsophisticated ways roulette high rollers cheat include:

By insisting that they meant to put a different chip

This happens after they have registered a win from their current bet they have placed. A VIP player will insist that they meant to put a different chip of higher value than the one they actually did put. Surprisingly, the dealer will allow them to have it their way, with direction from management. This is the case as the management hopes that the said player will spend all his winnings and more on the same night at the same roulette table.

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By insisting that the chip is wrongly placed

Cheating in Casinos

You can either place a chip on a specific number on the table or between two numbers on the same table in order to spread their odds. If a player has placed a chip between two numbers and the ball happens to settle on one of the numbers, then the player may change his decision. This happens when the odds are better on a straight up than on a split and the player would say that they did not mean to place the chip there.

By insinuating they would have placed a bet

On the roulette table, a player may decide to place a chip on a number and then disappear for a few minutes. When he comes back and finds out that the ball has settled on his number after a couple of spins, he might change his mind. He will claim a higher bet amount to a higher number and claim a bigger win. For VIP players, you might end up agreeing with them as they are loyal and spend big money in your casino.

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