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Additional Info about Huuuge Casino

Established in 2014, Huuuge Casino is a social casino which offers slots and poker games among others to players. It supports the social media where players can interact each other and play for fun without the need to deposit real money. Huuuge slots can be played on a mobile app from Google Play Store, Apple Store or Amazon App Store by simply installing it. As a social casino, Huuuge is able to connect players where one player can offer to give the other players chips if theirs run out.

  • + Wide selection of casino games.
  • + Have a highly responsive live chat feature
  • + Free chips to earn on a daily basis
  • + It offers social media support
  • + You can play with other players on the same game
  • + Supports both Android and iOS mobile users
  • + Easy to install and use the app on your mobile device
  • - No real money is involved and hence you cannot win real money
  • - Only for mobile users as no desktop version is involved
  • - No instant games as you need to download the app
  • - Live chat feature is not available 24/7
  • - No live casino games

About Huuuge Casino

  • Great Mobile App for iOS & Android
  • Plenty of Slots & Casino Classics!
  • 500,000 Coin Facebook Bonus
  • Huuuge Casino is one of our top recommended mobile casino sites for US players
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Which casino games does Huuuge casino offer

When it comes to fun and thrilling experiences Huuuge Casino takes the day every time. It has multiple mobile games with different payouts on which players can enjoy to play and win. The good thing about Huuuge Casino is that is it a social gambling site. This means that you can play with another player one on one in a particular game, which kills the boredom of having to play on your own. Also, you can be involved in multi-player games at Huuuge casino, such as blackjack and poker games.

Huuuge Casino has a wide range of mobile games which you can play from Android, iOS or the Amazon App Store on your mobile device. You can play Huuuge slots, table games, and bonus games regardless of whether you are a new or existing player.

How players can earn Huuuge Casino free chips

How players can earn Huuuge Casino free chips

Free chips make the experience not only interesting but addictive. Huuuge free chips are up for grabs on a daily mission. You can get free chips for just having a friend or even getting a like. It is that simple. On top of being fun, you get to play with other player and battle it out playing your favorite Huuuge casino games. Some of the daily free chips you can earn include:

  • 10,000 free chips in welcome bonus
  • 1000 chips for a friend you have up to 25,000 free chips
  • 100 chips for every like you get up to 10,000 Huuuge casino free chips
  • 1000 chips for every play time bonus you get in a day up to 25,000 chips

All of the above Huuuge Casino free chips unlock your gambling interests as you get to play more games online. The more the chips you get or are rewarded with, the more you will have to play any Huuuge Casino game you want on your mobile device.

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How long it takes to reach out to Huuuge Casino support

Huuuge Casino understands that their mobile apps may fail at one time and customers may not have a way out when it comes to contacting them. However, you can chat live with customer support if in any case you come across a technical issue. Even if the app is not working, the live chat feature is always flawless despite the case. You will be able to reach out the Huuuge Casino technical team in case you cannot find your way around the application. Once you make a point of contacting customer support on the live chat feature, you will get a feedback almost immediately. In short, you can come across a problem and depending on how fast you address it to the Huuuge Casino team, you will be up and running in no time.


A top, efficient and reliable mobile casino that offers multiple Huuuge slots and other casino games for players. Huuuge casino is the ultimate gambling site that changes the game when it comes to playing games online. Players can download the app on their mobile devices and start experiencing the Huuuge casino experience. The good thing about it is that it is offers free slots where players can play alone or against each other to make the experience worthwhile.

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Olivia Foster, August 18, 2018
I was looking for an online casino that focuses on playing for fun. After searching, I arrived at the site of Huuuge casino slots and it is quite unique because you play using points and not cash. This means it is risk-free and the longer you play, the more points you accumulate which means it excitement just keeps getting better. I like this site when I want to just sit and enjoy my time at home.
Jeffery Potter, July 22, 2018
When you first start out using the application, not all of the huuuge slots casino games will be available for you to play so you would have to play the ones that are available and as you level up, you will be able to accumulate more experience points and eventually unlock those ones that are locked.
Aaron Patterson, June 17, 2018
Huuuge Games is a social casino, meaning that their focus is on playing for fun, using points instead of cash. This means that you don’t risk any money playing huuuge slots casino. The gaming is just for the enjoyment of it and a sense of progression as new games and features are unlocked.
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