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Additional Info about Mecca Casino

Mecca Casino, one of the well-known gaming companies, has become the major attraction to lots of players in Britain. It has made its presence prominent not only in the virtual gambling world, but also the traditional land-based betting sector. Though bingo is the major focus of this gambling organization, it has also tried to offer several other entertainment options, like the slot games. Most of these games are from the recognized software providers. You can get the taste of diverse games, available at Mecca. These online slots also offer various promotional offers. The casino has started its UK-based business in the year, 1961. Since that time, it has tried to provide improved service to the players at the online platform.

  • + Wonderful graphics for most of the games;
  • + Mobile-friendly platform- Secure and safe;
  • + All UK players are allowed;
  • + Loyalty program to gain lots of profits;
  • + Best site to enjoy bingo, blackjack and slots;
  • + Promotional offer and fun;
  • + Free play option;
  • + Referral program;
  • + Instant flash version is available;
  • + Players can place bets with low amount;
  • - Options for bonus are not enough;
  • - Rewards from loyalty program only for bingo;
  • - Customer assistant- No twenty four hours’ service.
Deposit Options

Mecca Casino Promotional Codes

  • Bingo: Sign Up and Get £40 Bonus When You Spend £10 ;
  • Casino: £10 Bonus on Your Second Deposit;
  • Casino: 100% Bonus Plus 50 Free Spins on Home Sweet: WKGAME;
  • Win up to £250k on Rainbow Riches
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The brand has affiliation with another gambling corporation, The Rank Group Plc. The company is mainly related to motion film industry. But, at present, the main target is not on the video-based entertainment; rather, it is on the gambling that offers lots of amusements. This corporation also maintains a vast network, comprising gambling-related products, mostly in Spain and the UK. The success of this company is, however, not just due to the high recognition of its name. This is also because Mecca Casino has got its license from Alderney Gambling and UK Gambling Commission. That is why British players gain the opportunity to enjoy the online games of Mecca Casino.

Mecca Bingo Casino: more ways to win

Virtue Fusion, a prominent software provider controls the games at Mecca Casino. You can find the name of Virtue Fusion in many other online betting sites. Though it is recognized mainly as the bingo gaming software, it also presents a slot gaming platform. So, for Mecca Casino also, it has made its operations of these games. Virtue Fusion has tried to spread its services so that the players can get several options for betting. Due to this Virtue Fusion, the casino players at Mecca can get several advantages.

  • You can avail the games instantly in the improved flash version.
  • Lots of diverse bingo versions, suitable to meet the needs of almost every player.
  • No-download game, compatible with Mac and Windows device.
  • Options for customisation- You will be able to zoom so that you may read all the cards easily. There is also sound customisation option. You may also adjust colour and model of bingo gaming dauber.
  • You can start playing in maximum four rooms at the same time. The screen will display all the cards.
  • Options for advance purchase of bingo gaming tickets.

Games that you enjoy at the casino

Mecca Casino has presented a brilliant catalogue games that mainly comprise bingos in different forms. The options for Multiball bingo have made the website most well-known. Availability of free games gives the best experience to the novices. You may also get Emoji Bingo, an attractive alternative to the bingo players. The vibrant and bright, bingo rooms may attract lots of players, and you can know the details of game clearly.

Though Mecca Casino is most recognized to the players as a bingo site, lots of other games are also prevalent on this site. Almost three hundred and seventeen games are listed at the site alphabetically, and you will have no issue in finding one. We have mentioned the name of some games with their variations.


Those, who love European Roulette, can prefer this gaming portal. The main variations of this game include-

  • Player’s Suite – Providing advanced options for betting
  • Real Deal- A conventional version
  • 3 Wheel Fortune – To let you win lots of things by spinning wheels
  • Pinball- Experience the flying of ball in the game
  • Double Bonus – Get two more spins, when your ball hits yellow
Great selection of games at Mecca Casino

Table games

Mecca Casino has also become a favourable site to those, who love to play with cards or table games. While reviewing this site, we have found the names.

Slot games

Slot gaming section is another notable part that may fascinate lots of players. The present collection includes-

Slots relating television shows- Any interesting TV program may be associated with the slot game.

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Jackpot – The jackpot may be progressive or a particular one. But, both of them are profitable. With Jackpot slots, you will find the machines, including-

  • Hollywood Boulevard – It is a 20-line game, where you can take pleasure in the bright city. While you have received five symbols, cameras can get snapped. You will get free spins as an award (10 to 20). You may also find significant progressive jackpot every day and gain a part of this jackpot. Activate Real Play option for playing the game, and invest the real money. You have to log in the site for playing in this mode.
  • Megjackpots monopoly- This is another five-reel slot, which enables you in winning lots of prizes.
  • Wizard of Odds

Thus, the jackpots offer life-changing cash, and you can also get unique flavour from each of the games. The vast collection also includes – Jackpot King, Network Jackpots, King Jackpots and many more.

Multiline slots – Many gamers look for slots, which offer several attractive features, including free spins. These games are full of interesting actions that you can enjoy with:

  • Double Dragon
  • Cash Spin
  • Thai Flower

Casino – This is another slot game category, available at Mecca Casino, in various names, like Cluedo or Zeus. You can also take part in the slots, like Bruce Lee, Mad Party or Alice.

Game of the Week

This is one of the weekly opportunities, offered by Mecca Casino. You need to deal with three tiers for prize. You will receive a bonus amount of £10 with free spins (50). To spend more than £10, you have to invest only £10. On special occasions, you will also get double entries, applicable for Slots Draw.

Cashline Jackpot – Another attraction of Mecca

Cashline is intended for all those players, who haven’t experienced bingo lobby. While you have played 80 Ball Bingo in online version, cashline provides it to you in the offline mode. Just as many other online gaming companies, Mecca Bingo has also presented it for their gamers. However, this was previously a traditional club, which was highly attractive to the players. Control Club calls the game before its actual beginning, and the cash is also distributed by the club. You can try to know the terms before taking part in the local club of Mecca Casino.

Mecca Casino offers lots of mobile-friendly games in version. However, you can also invest £10 for bingo games in order to deal with the amount- £50. Another interesting feature of about mobile app is that this is the only application, where Da Vinci Diamonds and Cleopatra are available. The app also allows you to gain any prize, jackpot or game rooms, which are available to the desktop users.

In addition to the standard games, like 90 and 75 ball games, there are also other notable variations, such as, Lucky Numbers.

The experience that you get from PC-based and mobile games are almost same. The app allows you to get loyalty point or to buy tickets. You can also withdraw or deposit money from this application. While many other operators allow the players just to make deposit. Mecca has offered both these options. Mecca app works smoothly on lots of mobile devices, including Samsung Galaxy models, Kindle, Nexus, HTC and any iOS and Android device.

Welcome bonus – A good offer for new players

Welcome bonus is one of the major tools with which the online casinos try to get success. Mecca Bingo has already realized the fact, and that’s why it has provided the gamblers with various promotional offers.

Mecca Casino is much unique while offering welcome bonus for its genuine players. In most cases, we have observed that online casinos offer a good amount of bonus to those, who have registered as one of the new members and deposited the specified amount of money. However, with Mecca Casino, the players may make the minimum deposit of £10 for the first time or they can also invest £1000 as their first deposit. Welcome Bonus will not differ regardless of the money that you have deposited. You may get £50 as the bonus, though the amount isn’t considerable or much attractive to the players. You can start playing bingo with only £10 that you have currently deposited. However, just after doing so, you will get £30 as the additional amount. Thus, you may get better chance of placing your bets.

Mecca Bingo Casino Online: get attractive welcome bonus

When you have deposited money for the second time, you can get another benefit from Mecca Casino. Play with only £5 as the minimal amount, and bet with £10 on the chosen slots. You will get £10 as the instant bonus amount, and it can also be withdrawn at that moment.

Thus, Mecca Casino has divided its welcome bonus into two separate parts. However, most of the players are satisfied with this kind of offer as it offers you the right worth for their investment. While assessing other casinos, we have noticed that most of them do not accept only £10 as the first deposit. And the sites that give this opportunity usually do not offer more than £10 as bonus cash. In the slot games, most of them ask the players to £500 before withdrawing the winnings or bonus amount.

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Bonuses for the mobile users

Mecca Casino has also distinguished itself with mobile promotions and bonuses. Many virtual casinos do not offer promos to the players, who are playing the game from mobile platform. They focus only on computer users. However, In case of Mecca Casino, all the players get the same treatment. While you are the mobile users, you can get the chance of enjoying £10 as a bonus for your second-time deposit. In addition to it, you will also get many other offers and attractive cash prizes. Just as the computer games, you may get bonus scores while playing various bingo games. But, there is no potential of getting loyalty points, if you play other games instead of bingo. The same offers are available for computer users as well. As one of the regular players at Mecca Casino, you may get lots of other options to get winnings.

A lucrative Cash Giveaway of £200,000

One of the luckiest gamers will have the chance to gain £50,000. With the investment of £1 for the games and slots on a daily basis, the players can also receive an access this prize draw opportunity.

Star Search

The casino has started a process to hunt for stars. You have to upload and post any video on Facebook profile page of Mecca. If you become a winner, you may get a chance to enjoy accommodation at the hotel, Beverly Hills. You will get royal treatment at this hotel. For the final round, 8 players will have the opportunity to get selected.

Referral program

You may invite many of your friends to join the site. While the referred friends have registered and deposited £10, it gives you a wonderful chance to get £20 without any investment. You can send invitation to maximum 10 friends. If all of them respond well, you will have £200 as a bonus fund.

VIP program

It includes five diverse levels, and each of the higher levels offers better promos and rewards. Various colours denote the levels, related to this program. The bonus, included in every level, is also of the diverse types, like Birthday Bonus, Match Play or Double Points. On the Pink level, members can get 15 for spending £1, while for Orange, they may gain 16. Mecca Casino has also presented special room for newbie, and you may access this space for one week after you have joined the site. However, you will be able to have the accessibility during the period from noon to 1PM. Another time, when you can get it is from 6 to 8 PM. On each of the games, there is a bonus of £20. In addition to it, newbies may also receive free of cost tickets after 9 PM for playing the games (£1,000). It will enable you to take part in Two Little Ducks.

No matter how experienced you are, you want to have the assistance of professional team to solve your queries. Mecca has provided you with a number of options to have a contact with their team. As one of the best UK casinos, Mecca allows you to use their-

  • Email address- You may send your queries to the team to get fastest answer from them.
  • Live chat- Throughout a week, the team is active to assist you with communication
  • Letter- This is the most traditional option. You may send letter to the physical address of Mecca Casino.
How gain with Mecca Bingo?

The UK-based team members try their best to solve the issues within five days, and they also provide you with updated information at each of the steps. The chat room controllers also make the utmost effort for answering all the queries that you have in your mind.

The site has also created a page on the platform of social media. It also arranges contests, like Roomie of the Week. You can also contact with Facebook page of the website.

Apart from this Facebook community, created by Mecca Casino, there is another notable feature – Submit Mecca Account, and this is available in the platform of YouTube. You can also get the opportunity for charity fundraising, which allows you to make contribution to the magazine of Mecca. This magazine is available in the physical or traditional bingo room of Mecca. All these things have made the community much livelier and increased the spirit.

The Community page at the website also allows the users to go through the stories and reviews of other players. You can know how they have got the biggest winnings through various games. However, this Community setup is common in almost all the websites, intended for gambling, mainly bingo. You may not see this feature in those websites, which have focused more on the slots.

Mecca Casino’s concern on the security

As all the users want to use only the most secure site, the UK-based team of this casino makes sure that they have employed highly effective protection system to give peace to the users. Whether you are depositing or investing money, your money will stay protected due to the application of SSL encryption. While you are using mobile for playing casino, you can also get the same outcome from the safest platform, based on HTML5.

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Thus, Mecca team knows that they have to maintain the privacy to secure the bank-related details and personal information.

In addition to it, our reviewers have tested that there is no harmful content or application on the website.

Payment methods

As one of the daily players, you will have no issue in paying or withdrawing money from your own casino account. Mecca Casino accepts almost all the popular methods for payment. The list of payment or transaction methods includes-

  • PayPal
  • MasterCard
  • Skrill
  • Visa
  • Maestro

Minimum limit for the withdrawal of money is £10, while for deposit, the limit is £5. However, the site allows you to withdraw the funds multiple times without any limit. At a time, you may withdraw £15,000, and Mecca Casino team will check the details of your personal identity. While the amount for withdrawal exceeds the stated sum, then you should contact with the team, providing customer help.

Mecca Casino does not take much time for processing the request of withdrawal. The team takes step instantly to solve your issues. So, the lucky winners will be able to use their money without any delay.

We have already stated that this gaming company has created powerful community with players on the online world. The casino allows the access of players from the countries, like-

  • Ireland
  • The United Kingdom
  • Gibraltar

However, those, who reside in an area, outside these above regions, will not have the chance to create account at this casino platform.

From the brief Mecca Casino review, we can conclude that it has become a recognized bingo and slot gaming platform. As it is able to meet most of the expectations of customers, it is now a rival and the biggest competitor to the other gambling companies. With the strongest presence in the online world and effective branding, this website has turned out to be an appreciated gaming portal. In addition to it, customer assistance team works efficiently to satisfy the customers. The promos, bonus offers and many other profitable options are the major reasons for which the players can join the site. The site always gives clear information on all their promotional codes.

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As one of the online gaming enthusiasts, you may read our detailed review. We have made it comprehensible to all the experienced and new players. Though the promo offers and game rules can get changed, other features of the website will stay same. So, before accessing the site of Mecca Casino, you have to read our assessment.

1. Is it possible to replenish an account from someone else’s card?

No. The player’s payment card must be registered only in his name; otherwise, the administration is eligible to block the player’s account and require his personal data confirmation.

2. What is the maximum amount to withdraw?

If the withdrawal amount exceeds £15,000 per day for all debit and credit cards, you must contact the casino support. Other payment methods limits are defined by the capabilities of payment systems.

3. What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

The minimum withdrawal amount is £10, except the case of all funds withdrawal for subsequent account closure.

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4. What are the conditions for getting the bonus?

Each bonus must be wagered. The wager size is indicated for each offer separately. The player can use the Bonus only after he has spent real money in his account. The exception is bonuses for Bingo (at first the bonus is won back) and bets using a combination of cash and bonus funds. In the latter case, any winnings received at bets will be credited proportionally to the main and bonus balance.

5. Are there any withdrawal fees?

Casinos can charge a fee of not more than £5 if you withdraw the funds via bank transfer.

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James Smith, August 08, 2018
If you have been exploring the world of online casino lately, mecca bingo online should be on your list. Their highlight is bingo games and it is quite obvious because of how attractive they made it. However, if you are not the bingo playing type, they definitely have other exciting casino games for you to bet your luck on. Not to mention their no download feature so you have a choice if you want to download or not. They give you a lot of choices and they also have enticing jackpot prizes!!
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Phillip Hamilton, July 06, 2018
Overall, meccabingo online is a highly impressive bingo offering, with great graphics, a lively community and top-notch game variety making it one of the best sites on test.
Elias Smith, June 12, 2018
Meccabingo online is one of our top rated bingo sites. They’ve been around for years and have a good reputation. There’s lots of great prizes to be won and it’s a fun site to play on!
Douglas Bennett, May 23, 2018
When looking for a reliable and entertaining place to play bingo, it is usually wise to stick to the bigger names in the industry… like mecca bingo online. Older and well-established sites have all of the old games and they come with a guarantee of reliability that is hard to match. The site really lives up to its name as a mecca for bingo lovers.
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Gerald Watson, May 03, 2018
Mecca bingo online is sort of a hybrid platform for those who are into both Bingo games and slots. Split into two sections, the site offers an individual page where you can browse the different Bingo rooms as well as an individual “Slots” page.
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Joanne Din, April 27, 2018
Mecca Bingo Online is the best alternative for bingo players that do not wish to go to the bingo hall every weekend. You can play in any day of the week plus the huge advantage of not having to get dressed and drive all the way there.
Cristina Reed, April 02, 2018
I never played bingo before in my life, however, I saw an ad for Mecca Bingo Online and I though to give it a try. After already winning a couple of times, I am playing several times a week now.
Abel Lilly, March 16, 2018
If you’re a bingo aficionado, Mecca Casino might seem like heaven, with some of the best bingo rooms I’ve found. The slick graphics and fantastic social scene will surely win your heart and it’s the same case in their live casino room too.
VicenteMeza, February 15, 2018
If you live in the UK, you\'re bound to have heard of these guys. Mecca Bingo is one of the biggest names in the business and has been a household name now for nearly 50 years. No doubt you will have come across the many TV ads, radio jingles and billboard campaigns, or even played a game or two here.
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JuliusDailey, January 25, 2018
Mecca Bingo has gone the extra mile when it comes to game variety, with dozens of bingo rooms offering everything from standard 75, 80 and 90-Ball Bingo, to themed X-Factor and Deal or No Deal options
RenaeViola, December 11, 2017
The site is vibrant and easy to use, with great prizes and there is always something new and fun to going on with the award-winning and friendly CMs.
LuanaBowker, November 27, 2017
Overall I Love Mecca. It’s a friendly, fun and safe environment for you to play and chat in.It is not just a great Bingo Operator, but a Fantastic Gaming Platform and this is why I give it the Maximum 5 Stars!!
TrevaWines, October 27, 2017
Mecca Games is best known for being a major headquarters for bingo, but it also promises to develop a real reputation for quality casino action, particularly when it comes to slot games.
ZenobiaAvent, September 22, 2017
Selecting a reliable online casino is never easy, but you will rarely go wrong if you use longevity as a yardstick.
Sierra Ludwig, August 15, 2017
What is especially nice about the Mecca slots is that instead of simply picking a game at random and hoping you like it, as soon as a particular game grabs your attention, you can click on the corresponding icon in the lobby and read all about it. Also, before risking a cent of your own money, you can try it out in play money mode to get the feel of it.
djchilli23, July 26, 2017
Mecca is a lot of fun, so many slots and the jackpots are very high! Trust me, I have played many online slots and games, and the bonuses and payout rates here are one of the best!!
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KirbyHayman, July 13, 2017
Mecca Bingo Casino is a online casino with a lot of possibilities to play casino related games, when you visit it you will notice many options to play casino games online. Mecca Bingo Casino offers one of the best bonuses and has many times the best promotions for players all around the world.
IssacKetron, June 21, 2017
If you like Reel King then the Mecca site is a great place to play. These guys have got the original Reel King slot machine in all its regal glory waiting for you to take a few spins. That’s right, this is the digital reworking of the Astra Games titles that caused so much fuss in the land based casinos of the UK.
SanfordZeringue, June 08, 2017
At Mecca casino you will find a whole host of promotions that are constantly being updated such as Free Bingo on certain days, Buy One Get One Free Bingo, fabulous cash jackpots, as well as non-cash prizes.
LoydWilhelm, May 26, 2017
The fact that is being run by the prestigious Rank Group and powered by continually updated Virtue Fusion software further assures you that they are in tune with and responsive to what today’s demanding online customers want.
Ned Creech, May 11, 2017
If you've seen Mecca Bingo posters in your local club and are wondering if Mecca Bingo will really give you? 15 free with no catch, the answer is simple: yes Mecca Bingo does!
BobbieAddis, April 27, 2017
If you're looking for a jackpot bounty, then you'll find plenty of progressive jackpot games such as Mega Moolah, Big Top Tombola and Siberian Storm. However, if you're looking for something truly retro then you will find 3-reel classics hard to come by at Mecca Bingo.
Rusty Trimble, April 19, 2017
One of the features that makes the Mecca website a standout is that it is not some newcomer that you would be taking a chance on, but one of the most trusted gambling brands in the UK. 
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WilhelminaLayton, March 27, 2017
What is especially nice about the Mecca slots is that instead of simply picking a game at random and hoping you like it, as soon as a particular game grabs your attention, you can click on the corresponding icon in the lobby and read all about it.
Blalock, March 14, 2017
If you want to play Mecca casino games on your smartphone or tablet, no problem. As of this writing, the most options, 40 games in all, are available if you have an iPad and all but one are also available on your iPhone or iPod Touch. 
Steve Jokes, September 06, 2016
You can always easily withdraw money at Mecca casino and easily figure out how to bet. The only pity is that the coefficients are not always high and sometimes wins are not as big as you would like to have.
Franky777, August 29, 2016
Oddly enough, but I learned about the casino with the ad. The gambling establishment is good and I liked it immediately: many exciting slots, poker in various interpretations, roulette. In addition, the administration constantly encourages players with various bonuses.
Maggie Hayens, August 25, 2016
Signed up for a minute or two, I ventured to deposit money. I get a bonus on my first deposit and now play at minimum bids. The games are awesome. Yesterday a friend checked in at my invitation. Super!
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David Ratcliff, August 15, 2016
A solid gourmet casino. You feel it in everything from registration and to withdraw funds. I was pleasantly surprised by a rich assortment of games offered, which is also supplemented by new products every month.
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