to Hack Slot Machines with Phone

How to Hack Slot Machines with Phone

All modern slots work according to a specific algorithm adjusted by the program. And, as you know, any program can be hacked. The only question is resources and time. Almost every player dreams of “unsealing” a slot and hitting the jackpot, so different methods are regularly invented. Most attempts go nowhere, but some successful slot machine cheats do exist. One of them is with phone. But first things are first.

ATTENTION! Any actions related to hacking are illegal. This article is only an informational selection, which does not call for achieving victory in a dishonest way in any way.

Hacking Old Slots: A Mechanical Method

There are several techniques for working with old-style machines. However, today they are practically useless. It’s better not even to try your luck in the hope that such a cheat will work somewhere. These hacking methods are all too widely known, and if you get caught, you will be banned for life. Is the game worth the candle? Probably not.

But if you really want to experiment with cheating slot machines, you can still do it at some bar on the outskirts of the Earth. Some machines still respond to old tricks, and you may find just one.

The first method is popularly called Yo-yo. Its essence is that before throwing a coin into the machine, it is tied with a thin wire. When the machine registers the deposit, you need to pull the wire and pull out the coin.

This method only works on very old machines. Modern machines have a completely different device, and you will just look like a fool with a wire in your hands.

Another option using the wire is as follows. A small hook is made at one end of the wire and pulled neatly into the machine. The hacker’s job is to hook the payout switch.

Another one of slot machine cheats is using a fake coin. Today, machines verify identity by scanning, but previously coins were determined solely by weight. This is where the fake came to the rescue. If you have such a coin, and you find such a machine, you have a chance to cheat it.

How to Hack Slot Machines with Phone

Programmatic Methods: Codes for Hacking

Today, there is almost no mechanical content in slot machines. Therefore, hackers select online slot machine cheats based on system vulnerabilities. The outcome of the games depends on electronic random number generation and software. Is it necessary to say that an experienced programmer familiar with the operation of the system is capable of breaking the code?

This happened for the first time in the 1990s. Ronald Dale Harris worked on testing software and finding vulnerabilities. The temptation turned out to be too great, and the man committed an atrocity – he used the information received to win dishonestly.

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Since then, little has changed. In 2014, there was a major casino hack in St. Louis. First, the administration drew attention to the suspicious statistics of winnings, and then checked the surveillance cameras. It turned out that the same man passed from slot to slot and used his cheat codes for slot machines.

During the investigation, it was discovered that the attacker was constantly holding his iPhone, and the victims were only Aristocrat slots. At the same time, the man pressed the rotation button quite rarely, as if waiting for something.

Later it turned out that the hacker was a member of a team of Russian hackers who used mobile phones to hack into slots in American casinos. The phone had a special app that calculates the PRNG operating time in the required machine. That is why the man rarely pressed the button: he was waiting for the signal from the smartphone.

The secret of how to cheat slot machines using your phone is simple. All you need is a program that will do all the dirty work for you. Despite the fact that hacking devices are illegal and risky, finding such an app is not particularly difficult.

Before you get off the dark path and try to use something like this to win, keep in mind that you are unlikely to get away with it. The casino administration managed to detain a hacker from a large group. Will you be a difficult target?

What to Do if you Know How to Hack a Slot Machine

Even if you are not a hacker, you can accidentally discover system vulnerabilities. This is especially true with online slot machine cheats. And when you find an opportunity to get rich, it is difficult to restrain your desires.

We recommend that you do not use the loophole and act like an honest citizen. Moreover, in this case, you will not remain in the red. It is enough to contact the development team of a particular slot and report a bug. And before submitting your bug report, make a small contract that provides rewards for your help. Trust me, it’s easier for companies to pay you a fee once than to lose huge sums later due to an elusive bug.

In any case, playing fair is always much more enjoyable than trying to cheat the system. Winning with slot machine cheats will never bring the adrenaline rush like a surprise victory over the random.

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