to Find a Winning Slot Machine

How to Find a Winning Slot Machine

Every gambler, entering the game, wants to get a win. But unlike roulette and card games, it is more difficult to win in slots, since the machine does not initially have a positive average of distribution. In other words, the casino remains in the black in any case, and the player’s profit depends only on the goodwill of fortune. Nevertheless, experienced gamblers claim that there are some signs of how to pick a winning slot machine at a casino.

Return Percentage

Any slot has a return to player percentage (RTP). This is a certain part of the total amount of bets, which is guaranteed to be returned in the form of winnings. The rate varies from 68 to 98% depending on the game provider. To increase the chances of winning, choose slots with a higher percentage of return, as well as legal casinos with an official license, which exclude the possibility of cheating and deception.

How to Find a Winning Slot Machine

Volatility or Variance

Translated into the language of gambling, volatility or variance indicates the frequency of the slot return. You can often see how one slot gives out winnings, usually in small amounts, while the other only gives out big winnings at long intervals. Such a machine belongs to high volatility games, and the risk of losing the entire deposit on it is much higher than on a low volatility one. Agree, it’s a shame, when you leave the machine with empty pockets, and the next player, who sat down for it, breaks the jackpot after just three spins! In order to avoid such a situation, choose a slot with low variance, then you will have a better chance to determine how to tell when a slot machine will hit.


One of the surest ways to determine the amount of variance is to study the payout table of the machine. If the payout ratio does not exceed the threshold for increasing the bet by 5000 times, you have a slot with low variance, up to x10,000 – with an average rate, over x10,000 – with a high level of volatility.

Demo Mode

If you are not yet familiar with a particular slot, play it in demo mode. Pay attention to the presence of Scatter symbols, bonus symbols and their frequency of appearance. As a rule, slot machines with prize symbols give bonus games and free spins more often.

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“Hot” Slot Machine

It happens so that a slot machine starts “giving” from the very first spins. In this case, you are most likely lucky and you can spin it for a decent win. However, if after 6-7 bonus games, fortune has ceased to be favorable, you should either change the slot machine, or change the bet or line, or it is better to stop the game altogether.

Progressive Jackpot

Avoid progressive jackpot slots unless you have a big bankroll and want to stretch your fun and stay in profit. Such machines are guaranteed to give winnings rarely, as they accumulate bets for the maximum payout. It is impossible to tell when the moment of the jackpot will come and who will be the lucky one, but it is obvious that the chances that you will succeed are equal to zero.

Slot in a Conspicuous Place

There is an opinion among players that the slot, which is in the most prominent place in the casino, has a greater return than others. The assumption is not devoid of logic, as the purpose of such machines is to attract the attention of players to the casino. Accordingly, frequent wins only spur excitement and the desire to play more and do this more often. Over time, players, inspired by success, switch to other slots with lower returns, and then the casino remains in a double win. Nevertheless, the answer to the question of how to pick a winning slot machine at a casino is obvious – choose a slot in the most visible place in the gaming hall or on the website if you are dealing with an online casino.

All of the above signs of How to tell when a slot machine will hit should be regarded as nothing more than stereotypes that exist only to spur the excitement of players. In fact, all slot winnings are purely situational and based on a random number generator, and any stories about successful attempts to outwit the slot are nothing more than myths and legends.

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