’s Scholarship Program 2019 – Closed

Student’s Scholarship Program 2019 – Closed

We are pleased to present a scholarship program to post-secondary school students from average families. Education is the most crucial gift that society can give to people.

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Student’s Scholarship Program 2019


The aim of the scholarship is to encourage the learners’ interest in education and offer to fund on getting new knowledge.

Any student who won’t submit everything that specified in the application form will be disqualified from the contest. The winners will be announced on our website.


Our scholarship will be awarded to three participants. Our awards are:

The first place- 1000 dollars

The second place- 750 dollars

The third place 500 dollars

Essay topics

We have three different topics and each participant is required to pick one and write an essay about it. The essay should not be less than seven hundred words.

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The topics are:

  • Gamification and Game-Based Learning
  • How to Use Gaming in The Classroom
  • Using of Gaming Principles For Students Learning Support

The essays must also contain the following details in the exact sequence:

  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Name of institution

Plagiarism-free policy

Plagiarism is not allowed.


20th October 2019

Who can take part

This is an international contest and there is no age limit.


The society needs the education to prosper and, this is why we are making an effort to help the needy students who are bright to get a higher education.

Guardians who never got a chance to go past secondary school will forever have their earnings capped at a cost and this makes it hard to send their children to higher educational institutions. There are other families who have the money but lack the motivation to get a higher education. Such families, therefore, require our encouragement and motivation in order to see why it is necessary for their children to get a higher education.

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