New Year Resolutions for a Poker Player

Best New Year Resolutions for a Poker Player

It has become a tradition for many of us to make a list of New Year’s resolutions. So why shouldn’t we give some promises as to poker in the next few days? Have a look at some of the most important things, which you can make in 2018 to better your game and to win at a poker table.

New Year Resolutions for a Poker Player

10. Set some realistic aims

The main cause for failure of many ideas is that most people set unrealistic purposes which are difficult to keep.

You need to set concrete and first of all, realistic aims for poker. Forget about such a nonsense as “to win the X sum of money” because you can’t control a difference in this game. Nobody can.

Focus on things that you is under your control. For instance, how many hours a month you will study or when you plan to gamble. Such aims will bring you the best results because these are the thing that you are able to influence.

9. Take part in live tournaments

If you play mainly on the Internet, you have to promise to visit at least one live tournament to feel an adrenaline inflow.

To learn to crush live poker games can take some time, but you will enjoy live battles when you seldom visit them.

8. Avoid playing if you aren’t ready

Inability to cope with emotions at a poker table is an expensive experience. So, promise yourself that you will never begin to play being in a bad mood or feeling tired or angry, and, above all, do not play after several binges.

Join the game only when you feel perfectly, and this will help you to make the correct decisions and to keep concentration to increase your results.

7. Mind the money

Do not neglect bankroll management. Many gamblers can’t achieve optimum results due to the lack of discipline. If you risk a big piece of the bankroll in one game, you will have a feeling of pressure, and it will lead to false decisions later.

6. Monitor the progress

It is extremely important to know how you actually succeed in games to make reasonable decisions on when it is necessary to move ahead up rates, or how much you can spend in live games.

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A variety of poker tools and the software are at your disposal for this. Just specify the amount of a bay-in when you enter a tournament or cash game and your cash out in the end.

5. Practise a lot

It becomes more difficult to beat a game in poker because you can get useful information and learn the correct strategy by means of advanced poker training.

So, enhancement of your game should become one of your priorities in 2018.

4. Think

Do not make decisions quickly, mind such important information as the ranges and the sizes of rates.

Try to reduce the number of tables which you play online, or just spend time to weigh all your options in each hand which you play. In this way you will have more chances to make the correct decisions.

3. Mind the poker tells

It is obvious that there are way more tells for live games that can also help you. Even in online poker, you can obtain a lot of information from the size of a rate or time that your opponent needs for decision-making.

The poker study can also be very amusing and can give you a new idea of your game.

2. Study a new format of poker

Promise to learn at least one of many different poker games online games. The varieties can provide you with an array of great emotions.

1. Enjoy the game!

Without any doubts, it is easier to enjoy the game when you beat the game. However, if you take part in some live tournaments or try a new format, you can also get some enjoyment.

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