To Play Craps But On A Budget? 888casino Comes With The Solution

Want To Play Craps But On A Budget? 888casino Comes With The Solution

If your gambling budget does not allow high bets on Craps or multiple bets at once, there’s no reason to think Craps is not the game for you. You just need to find a way to conserve your bankroll while also keeping the house edge at a reasonable level. And here’s what you can do to achieve exactly that while playing at 888 Casino UK or any casino you prefer.


Place one pass bet or don’t pass

Instead of placing a one pass bet followed by two more come bets, stick with just one number. The edge that the house has will still be lower than 1% and the total bet amount will not go over 10 dollars. This method will guarantee some stable play and minimum risks but it also has the drawback of being a little linear. Of course, no game is boring at 888casino with their exquisite live dealers.

Don’t take the odds into consideration

This might sound plain crazy for some craps players since the odds provide some of the best deals available in this game, however, if you can’t afford a high bet, why worry about bets that you can’t place? The overall edge the house has in this particular bet is around 1.5% and it is one of the best affordable bets you can place.

Bet on 6 or 8

The most frequent outcome of the dice is 7. There are six possible combinations to total 7 when playing with two dice. The second most frequent numbers are 6 and 8 with five combinations for each of the numbers. 6 and 8 are paid with 7-6 odds so you will need to bet in increments of 6 dollars for the payout to work. The 6 dollar minimum bet is still reasonable and with a house edge of a bit over 1.5%, what more can you wish for? Go to 888 Casino right now and try this bet!

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After a pass bet follow with a 6 or 8

This strategy involves a bit higher minimum bet than the previous ones, however, it is still quite affordable and can have a great outcome. It goes like this, after placing a $5 bet on the pass line, if the shooter throws either a six or eight to be established as the point, then put another $6 in a come bet on the other number (6 or 8 depending on what was rolled previously). That will reach a total of $11 but with a nice house edge of 1.41% on pass and 1.52% on place that gives you a very good chance.

So there you go, one more proof that you don’t have to be a high-roller to be able to enjoy a good game of craps. Are there any other methods you use to play craps while on a budget? Let us know!

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