Fruit Machines: Benefit or Drag?

Old Fruit Machines: Benefit or Drag?

The modern gambling market abounds with slot machines with an interesting plot and complex gameplay. But the game in an old fruit machine still remains popular with many players, thanks to its uncomplicated nature, simplicity, and, of course, a special retro atmosphere, which modern slots lack. In any case, such games require special maintenance, and not every British company provides such services.

Lease or Sale of Slots: Leading Companies and Options for Cooperation

Who provides the establishments with working one-armed bandits? Of course, there are special companies for this mission. Despite the retro style of these machines, there are quite a few fruit machine suppliers in the UK. Most of them lease slots, and do not sell them. This is a simpler and more profitable option for cooperation, both for suppliers and gambling establishments.

Among the popular fruit machine suppliers UK are:

  • TVC Leisure – deliveries to Berkshire, Surrey, Hampshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire and London;
  • Target Coin Equipment – covers the whole UK;
  • Diamond Leisure – Blackpool, Cleveleys, Liverpool, Preston, Manchester, Lancaster, Lake District and several other regions;
  • Amusement Leisure – North West England
  • UK Gaming Solutions – Ripon, North Yorkshire, Newark and King’s Lynn;
  • Dransfields – the whole UK;
  • Arcade Clearance Ltd. – England and Wales.

Most of these companies offer leasing of both cheap fruit machines and more expensive ones. The assortment of their offers also includes billiard tables, jukeboxes and other entertainment machines. Therefore, cooperation with such a company is an ideal solution if you need to equip a turnkey entertainment facility.

50/50 is quite an interesting variant of cooperation practiced often. This is a great approach for someone who wants to put their first slot machine, but are not sure if the venture will be successful. The essence of the proposal is that the client does not pay the rent, but gives 50% of the profit from the slot to the lessor. In this situation, everyone is in the black: both the owner of the slot and the owner of the establishment.

When renting a machine, the supplier company assumes the responsibility for the maintenance of the equipment. Once every 5-8 weeks, one of the employees visits the slot and checks it for faults. In the event of any defects in operation, the responsibility for their elimination also falls on the shoulders of the lessor.

Old Fruit Machines: Benefit or Drag?

Buying your Own Slot Machine

If you do not want to rent a slot, but want to become its owner, it will take time to find a suitable offer. Not many ads offer fruit machine buy, especially when it comes to classic retro slots. With modern models, it is easier – their production is debugged and there is no problem to buy a new sample directly from the factory.

The most reliable way to buy is directly from the developer of the machine or its official reseller. Most often, new models or refurbished old ones are offered. But if you lean towards retro and are ready for a fruit machine buy via the ad, be careful. It is best to find a specialist who will audit and determine if the device has any malfunctions.

Plus, buying a defective slot can be a profitable decision. It is not difficult to find fruit machine parts, and the total cost of restoration can be quite affordable. The main thing is to check the availability of the necessary spare parts in advance.

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Most of the advertisements for the sale of such devices are on eBay. However, you can probably find something suitable on your local classifieds site as well.

Where to Get Spare Parts in Case of Breakdown?

When a rented slot breaks down, one of the fruit machine suppliers UK will repair it. However, if the slot is in your personal use, its maintenance is your concern.

Sometimes it is difficult to repair an old fruit machine, as for many models there are simply no replacement parts left. Nowadays, parts for old devices are rarely produced, and existing stocks tend to run out. If you face such a situation, you will have to choose either to abandon the slot, or to try to find a non-original part and hope for its reliability.

All fruit machine parts can be divided into several categories:

  • All kinds of keys;
  • Buttons;
  • Power supplies and transformers;
  • Hoppers and payout elements;
  • Engines;
  • Various stickers, including those on reels;
  • Boards and displays;
  • Switches.

Some can be replaced with an analogue (for example, stickers on fruit machine reels), but most still require full model compliance.

Some companies do not sell slots, but specialize exclusively in components. Thanks to them you can buy the fruit machine jammer you need and whatever you want.

Before becoming the owner of one of the cheap fruit machines, it is worth deciding whether you really need to buy such a machine. Renting is often much more profitable and easier. Moreover, if the revenue turns out to be less than expected, you can always break the lease and return the one-armed bandit to the owner. When buying your own slot, you will be forced to either use it further, or try to sell it, which is not an easy task in the case of an old fruit machine.

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