Tips for Beating Any Casino 100% of Times with Observation

Anti-Loser Tips for Beating Any Casino 100% of Times with Observation

Oftentimes, the losing is so consistent that we often get desperate in our attempts to win. However, this should not always be the case. For many experienced gamblers playing is a routine, which has certain patterns. Doesn’t matter if they play a real-life casino or an online casino like 888 casino uk, with time they notice that the outcome of the game often depends on the dealer. When a dealer makes a mistake or is sloppy, the casino eliminates the dealer and may shut the game altogether.

Anti-Loser Tips for Beating Any Casino 100% of Times with Observation

From these observations, it is possible to conclude that some games can be beaten if the dealer is watched closely. It determines if the game can be beaten or not. So, what things can we look out for?

1. Game procedures conducted by the dealer. Watch if the dealer is inattentive and sloppy, or very precise and focused. A good dealer will usually be working first shift, and be very professional. He will hold the cards close to the body and will not make any moves that are unnecessary or extra. He will have precise shuffles and riffs, with exact half deck grabs. An attentive player can spot an unprofessional dealer with some observation. If the dealer is sloppy in 888casino, the game can be beaten.

2. The frequency of dealer mistakes. A bad dealer will make mistakes while handling the cards and distributing them to the right people. While he is busy dealing the cards, he may accidentally show off his cards or other players’ cards. If he does so, an experienced player will be able to adjust his game, irrespective of the type of game he is playing. Rookie dealers can be found on morning shifts from 4 to 12 in the middle of the week, or second shifts.

Anti-Loser Tips for Beating Any Casino 100% of Times with Observation

3. The physical state of the dealer. Dealers who work many shifts get tired, and it is easy to notice. Sometimes, they are not in the right mood or irritated, especially when a manager is in sight and watching them. Look for clues in the dealer’s behaviour. When you choose a dealer, go for younger dealers who are, perhaps, less experienced, and watch them deal before you enter the game. This will let you know your choice was right. Also, women have smaller hands and have trouble dealing out and shuffling cards at double deck Blackjack, so pick a woman dealer if you can.

4. With online casinos like 888casino, a computer program can determine if the game is beatable. However, it is a complex process that requires a week of programming and a good task-oriented programmer. The program will take a day to determine the game beat ability.

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