Year Resolutions to Better your Results in Gambling

New Year Resolutions to Better your Results in Gambling

Very little time is left before the new 2018 will come, but still there is enough time for you to give some New Year resolutions if you would like to improve your gaming. To help you with this task, here is a list with 11 resolutions that will fit every gambler to choose from.

New Year Resolutions to Better your Gambling Results

#1. Do not be afraid to take risks

It is certainly good to play online slots that you’ve got accustomed to and sometimes you just do not want to break the habit. But this routine can become rather boring. To avoid this, you need something completely different. For example, instead of slots, try your luck in table games or something else.

#2. Trace your records

Everyone will agree that it is difficult to remember all your losses and wins. That’s why it is advisable to write down all your gambling records in a journal. This can be an ordinary notebook or spreadsheet where you will write the date, casino, game and the result you obtained.

#3. Do not neglect bonuses and promos

Nowadays, it is not a problem to find online casino bonuses, as online casinos offer them in a great variety. This is a great opportunity to play and win without investing your own money.

#4. Mind the time

Keep track of the time spend in front of the screen. Set a time limit to prevent yourself from gambling a lot. This can be an alarm clock on your mobile or just a kitchen timer.

#5. Study the books on gambling

Luck is certainly important in gambling, but knowledge plays a significant role too. We recommend you our Ultimate Reading List to help you in gaining all the necessary information.

#6. Gamble in a new casino

The same thing as with games. It is surely more comfortable to play in the place you know well, but if you stick to only one gambling institution, you will miss some attractive bonuses and promos offered in other places. Find a new online casino or a mobile casino for a change, but check if it is among the Certified Casinos.

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#7. Avoid drinking a lot

Many players cannot imagine gambling without alcohol, but it is necessary to keep it in check. You will have difficulties with concentration and can make silly mistakes. Set the limits before starting your game.

#8. Think about your budget

Never forget about responsible gambling and your bankroll will be grateful. Define the amount of money you are ready to spend. You can use a range of apps on offer for this aim.

#9. Use your wins wisely

Do not hurry to buy something in case you win. Think about future. Maybe it is better to save some money?

#10. Do not try to chase losses

Again, remember about responsible gaming and mind the budget you defined for gambling. Just take a break if you see that luck is not on your side. Try some other activities for a change.

#11. Fun is on the first place

In any case, do not forget that you are gambling for fun. What are the reasons then to spend money on the activity that do not bring you pleasure? Therefore, give a resolution to stop gaming if it does not bring you fun.

If you have any other ideas as to the possible resolutions, you can join the discussion over on our forum.

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