Lotto – an International Blockchain Lottery

Fire Lotto – an International Blockchain Lottery

The lottery based on the blockchain Etherium is a real revolution in the global lottery industry. Of course, the development of this market requires transparency, honesty and manufacturability. A decentralized technology of blockchain is quite suitable for this. It is promising, as it solves all the traditional problems of this market. Understanding this, Fire Lotto plans to change the online lottery sector thanks to their transparent and innovative approach.

International Blockchain Lottery

Game system, built on the basis of the blockchain Etherium, works completely autonomously. The program code and all data are stored in decentralized blocks. They are in public access online. This greatly simplifies the work of the lottery, and its distribution.

The method of Random Number Generation (RNG) is safe and honest. It excludes the possibility of any manipulation and theft! RNG is built based on the current protocol of the decentralized Bitcoin block for determining the values of randomly dropped winning numbers. It is really an absolutely safe method.

Fire Lotto is something unique – an absolutely transparent, completely decentralized platform for the organization and holding of the lottery, using Etherium technology for blockchain and smart contracts for collecting, distributing funds and randomly identifying winning numbers, as well as charging commissions to the holders of the tokens. It was named the best ICO of January 2018 by

Fire Lotto will kick off by launching a few types of the lotteries. The player is offered 3 of its kind – 4 of 20, 5 of 36, 6 of 45 with a possibility of adding new lotteries. Just go to the site with a convenient and usual interface – and you can easily buy virtually unlimited number of lottery tickets. You just need to cross out the desired numbers in a ticket or tickets, which are purchased instantly: in one click from the player’s personal crypto wallet. The Etherium enters the smart contract of the chosen lottery and forms a prize fund. 70% of all funds coming from the sale of lottery tickets, goes to the prize fund.

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The momentary lottery Roger’s wheel is something in between a traditional wheel of fortune and a slot machine. In this game, the participant receives the ability to choose the size of the bet and the coefficient by which its bet can be multiplied in the case of a win. Next, the player starts spinning the wheel, divided into 21 sectors with different winning multipliers.

In the event that the coefficient on which the bet was placed falls, the player’s crypto wallet is instantly credited with the winnings in the amount of the bet done multiplied by the winning ratio. The player has the opportunity to run an unlimited number of wheels in one game. This reduces the time waiting for the result of the instant lottery. The wheel spins for 20-30 seconds.

Thus, after the launch of the lottery, absolutely all game processes and distribution of profits are carried out within the framework of algorithms laid down in smart contracts, without the participation of the organizer of the lottery and the influence of someone on these processes. Everything is autonomous, honest, transparent!

And it is not just words. To confirm them at the start of the ICO they will post the full source code of Fire Lotto so that anyone can make sure that the declared parameters of the lottery work and the program code of reality are fully consistent.

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