creates an ecosystem for gambling

DAO.Casino creates an ecosystem for gambling

Just a couple of weeks ago, Eric Benz, one of the ‘go-to guys’ for anything Bitcoin and Blockchain directed our attention to DAO.Casino, so now we’ll try to explain ‘why this gaming protocol is so revolutionary for gambling as a whole.’

DAO.Casino creates an ecosystem

In modern gambling, there are a lot of restrictions and problems. For example, unfair rules, small gains, obsolete norms, etc. DAO.Casino seeks to change the current situation through the introduction of a social and technical protocol into the gaming industry.

The goal of the project is to create comfortable and flexible conditions for both users and developers. DAO.Casino wants to improve the user experience from the very process of the game while increasing the number of winnings. The company plans to develop a platform that demonstrates, encourages and monetizes the work of developers.

Experts DAO.Casino understands the importance of achieving these goals, believe in systematic and practical approach. Thanks to the project, the risks associated with the gaming and gambling industry will disappear. Experts create a competitive network that will unite communication, management and finance, rewarding those who contribute.

DAO.Casino applies the technology of smart contracts Ethereum Blockchain, which is based on decentralisation.

“Ethereum right now is the most powerful smart contract platform and the only one which is ready and up and running. Our team has a skill set that allows us to develop on Ethereum and we are embedded in the community of Ethereum enthusiasts – so it is our turf”, sail DAO.Casino CEO Ilya Tarutov.

The online gambling industry has always used a centralised model that forced players to rely on a third party. Such a network is extremely closed, so internal functionality is hidden from users. The lack of transparency is the only reason that players worry about the honesty of their betting results.

As for developers, for them, the closed nature of the resource is the lack of the ability to monetize work, make a profit for their development, and find financing without large interest. Through the decentralised project DAO.Casino, the above problems will be solved.

Dao.Casino aims to become the first decentralised standalone platform for gambling in the Blockchain technology Ethereum.

“Ethereum is revolutionary, but it’s still hard to work with for a ‘normal’ developer (as in not an Ethereum enthusiast). Our goal is to create a gambling industry specific protocol and make sure that people and businesses can actually work and interact with it”, Tarutov added.

Talking about the aims of their protocol, Tarutob stressed the significance of a specific use of Blockchain technology for a gambling industry.

“The goal of our team is to take technology that allows this new way of communication – communication of value and business agreements and make it industry specific. Introduce a new paradigm of communication to gambling industry”, he said.

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